A lot of guys think that the perfect Christmas gift for the lady you like is sexy underwear, and that very well could be, but it could also bring a sudden, and abrupt end to your relationship.  Luckily, there are Experts like Jada Michaels, and she's got some great advice, take a look.

First... NOT TOO SEXY!
Get her something she can use. Something like a satin robe or pajamas.  If you get some skimpy little thing like crotchless panties, it's just a present for you, and she knows it.

Surely, if you are in a relationship serious enough that you are buying her underwear, you KNOW how dangerous this can be.  Here's how Jada says you can get it right without asking.  Look at the size of a dress she wears a lot, or the size of her coat.  Dress and coat sizes range from 0 to 28.  Size 0 to 2 is extra small in lingerie.  2 to 4 is small.  6 to 8 is a medium.  10 to 12 is a large.  14 to 16 would be an extra large.  18 to 22 is a 1X or 2X and 24 to 26 is a 3X or 4X.

You can't just drop some panties in a snoopy gift bag and toss it to her on the couch.  You got to make it romantic, and not just about sex. Get some body oils, bubble bath, candles, some fancy hand lotion and stuff to go with it... and use the good wrapping paper, better yet, get a professional to wrap it for you.

I hope this advice helps you out... if so... send pictures...  MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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