Listen up, if you are single and looking for love. Did you know there are certain words you should be using in your online dating profile. Oh and there are words you need to drop now.   

The Daily Mail says that research actually is showing that the best words to use to describe yourself in your profile have change in the past two years. So you might think about doing a little update soon.

So girls don't use these words:

1. Spiritual

2. Quiet

3. Dependable

4. Articulate 

5. Good listener

Guys don't use these words:

1. Quiet

2. Spiritual

3. Respectful

4. Good listener

5. Caring

I know, strange right? Oh, who really wanted a spiritual, respectful, dependable, caring person anyway? Okay, even if you are (which is still a good thing) just don't list it on your profile.

Now for the hot buzz words of the moment. Research says that using these words could double the amount of interest to your profile.

Guys here are your buzz words:

1. Physically fit

2. Perceptive

3. Spontaneous

4. Outgoing

5. Optimistic

6. Intelligent

7. Passionate

8. Affectionate

9. Articulate

10. Ambitious

Girls these are the words you need to be using to describe yourself:

1. Ambitious

2. Perceptive

3. Sweet

4. Hard working

5. Thoughtful

6. Physically fit

7. Creative

8. Rationale

9. Spontaneous

10. Energetic

Of course it goes without saying Don't use these words just to use them. Try to at least be honest and resemble yourself!

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