Lovers' quarrels can go from 0 to 100 real quick, but it seems like this one started at 100. Ladies, don't do this and guys get ready to cringe. 

Things weren't going well for this Chinese couple and the scorned woman decided to take matters into her own hands.

Feng Lung, 32-year-old mother of 5 from China found out her husband was messing around with a 21-year-old mistress. Not only was he dumb for cheating, but he was also dumb enough to send his mistress a message from his wife's phone and forgot to log out of his social media. When Feng found the messages, she was obviously furious and decided he needed to pay for cheating on her.

While Fan was sleeping, the wife took to his genitals with a pair of scissors, snipping off his penis. He was then rushed to the hospital and treated. Luckily his penis was reattached, but that wasn't good enough punishment for Feng. She got in to her husband's hospital room and proceeded to teach him a lesson again, this time cutting it off and throwing it out the window.  Fan was furious and chased Feng out ot the hospital beating her. Feng was arrested and Fan had to undergo emergency surgery but his penis was no where to be found. The mistress came to Fan's bedside claiming she was soon going to become his wife. See photos of the fight HERE.



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