I see a few of my friends on Facebook posting pictures of their "Date Night" with their spouses. Turns out they need to keep it up. Not the pictures but the dates.

New research shows that married couples should schedule a date night at least once a month. Doing that will give them a 14% better chance of staying together.

Especially if you have children. It's all about taking some time out and getting away from the kids and leaving the hectic work schedule behind. Something interesting they found was that more wasn't necessarily better. Couples chances of staying together didn't go up if they did date night once a week as apposed to once a month.

My husband and I don't have kids so we really don't have a so called "date night". We do have movie night and do a lot of activities together, so I guess in reality we do a lot of date nights.

Do you and your spouse have "Date Night"?  You can read more about the research at DailyMail.

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