Pokemon Go. Everyone is playing it, well okay not everyone. Let's just say that a ton of people are playing it. In fact, now there is a report that in just over one week Pokemon Go has more active members than Snapchat, Tinder and Instagram.

It's also well on its way to surpass Twitter too. With so many people playing this game it's easy to see that people are bumping into each other in parks and other areas as they look for these pokey characters. People are meeting other people and they all have this game in common. Yep, people are finding dates while playing this game and now people are going to Craigslist and posting in the "Missed Connections" area.

I checked the Texarkana Craigslist Missed Connections but nothing to report, at least not yet.  But that doesn't mean that people aren't finding romance with this game. If you've met someone then let us know where around town did you meet them?

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