Valentine's Day is tomorrow and if you have a significant other chances are you're going to celebrate the day one way or another.

It's a day for love to reign above all. Some couples will go big with flower arrangements and even, dare I say... jewelry and a special dinner out. Others might just exchange cards and stay in for the evening cuddled on the couch watching a movie together.

But, who was this St. Valentine guy anyway? Turns out there were quite a few St. Valentines but the best one to explain the holiday was a priest named Valentine that lived during Emperor Claudius II reign around the third century. The Emperor banned marriage because he thought marriage made men weak and wouldn't fight in his army if they were emotionally attached to a woman and children. Well, that didn't work.So, along comes this priest Father Valentine and he married young couples in secret. He was eventually found out and was beheaded for it. Romantic Uh?

The video below goes into more history of Valentine's Day.

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