How would you like to make an older person's Valentine's Day special this year? There is a campaign called Wish of a Lifetime that is doing just that with Valentine's greetings for our elderly.

We have all had a tough time trying to do the 'social distancing', especially with our senior population. So many of them are isolated at home, assisted living facilities, or in nursing homes and family members can't or don't go visit them for fear of spreading COVID-19. So this campaign from the AARP is making it easy to put a smile on someone's face and spread a little love.

At the website you have the choice to either download a Valentine's Day card, then you can personalize it any way you want. You can also send it as an e-card. As far as decorating the cards this is something your kids can help with too.

Once you've done that, just deliver the cards to one of our nursing homes, senior living areas. assisted living complexes or to someone you know. Be sure to call first. More than likely all of these facilities will be super appreciative of the cards and your time not to mention the people that receive the cards.

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