Valentine's Day is this Sunday and one thing is for sure, a lot of roses will be sold. Did you know that the colors of roses have different meanings? Guys, if you are in a new relationship what color should you get? You don't want to give the wrong message. Yikes!

Okay, yes we get it. Women can be confusing, but roses can be too. Here's a guide to let you know what color of roses you should give depending on the relationship.

Red - True love. Plus romance and passion too.

Pink - This color means love but it also means appreciation and gratitude.

Yellow - These roses represent friendship.

Orange - Since this color is a mixture of yellow and red the meaning can be too. Like attraction or desire.

White -  This one means purity. It can also mean a new or renewed love.

Purple - Love at first sight.

Want to get all fancy? Then try some of these mixtures of colors and arrangements. According to the website I Love Relationship:

Two roses stalked together to figure a single stem are symbolic of a relationship of commitment or the upcoming of a marriage.

A yellow rose with red tips signifies friendship turning into love.

Peach roses signify appreciation, gratitude, and modesty.

A bouquet of rosebuds: Can symbolize innocent love, and mean, “You will always be young and beautiful”

A bouquet of mature roses: Expresses gratitude.

A single rose: Can mean, “I still love you” or “Thank you”.

Two roses entwined: means“Marry me”

Red & White Roses Mixed: Expresses unity or engagement

Red & Yellow Roses Mixed: Happiness & Celebration

White & Yellow Mixed: Symbolizes harmony


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