Back in December of last year, we found out that the City of Texarkana Texas was considering giving some incentives for a new grocery store to come to town. Then incentives were approved, but where's the store? What's the latest?  

If you remember, at the first meeting of the year in January, the Texarkana City Council voted in favor of $350,000 worth of incentives to bring Winco Foods to our area.

The grocery store will bring almost 100 new jobs to our area. WinCo is an employee-owned store.

 The Original Plan

City of Texarkana Texas
City of Texarkana Texas

The location of the store is supposed to be close to Central Mall in the area of the old Sears store. At one point the plan was to demolish the Sears store and a new unattached building would be built.

What Do We Know About This Store?

Shopping cart with foods at the grocery store

I know there are several WinCo Grocery Stores in the Dallas area. I have friends that love the store. It was set to open early next year, but the big question is; It's July so where is the store?

What's the Hold-Up? Where's the Store?

According to the Texarkana Gazette, it sounds like the economy has put a snag in the construction and has stopped (hopefully just temporarily) because the project's cost is now 30% higher than the original estimate.

Google Maps
Google Maps

We all can relate to that. Watch the news and you will hear the economy again has hit another 40-year record high inflation. Construction materials were high during the pandemic but now it's even worse.

Keep your fingers crossed this project, the store and the jobs are still in the future for Texarkana.

You can find out more about WinCo here.

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