Have you ever shopped at Sam's Club before? Have you considered trying it out but the membership fee is too much for you right now? Times are tough right now but if you were thinking about getting a membership now might be the time to do it.

The cost of food, gas, and everything has and is rising. So this offer is coming at a great time.

Sam's Club is celebrating its 40th birthday by taking $40 off the basic membership and offering it for $10. It's normally $50, so this is the perfect way to see if this store is for you.

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If you like to buy in bulk then this place is defiantly for you. Buying in bulk has always been kind of a bachelor thing but with the rising prices, more and more people are changing their tune. Just remember when you are buying things in bulk you got to have the space for it! A big pantry or someplace in your garage.

Sam's Club To Close Over 60 Stores
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But it's only for a limited time. This begins on Friday, April 14 and will go on until Wednesday, April 19.

They will also be celebrating by giving away free sweet tea on April 15.

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