First of all I would like to express that this is MY (Aaron On Air's ) OPINION ONLY and DOES NOT REFLECT THE OPINIONS OF TOWNSQUARE MEDIA OR IT"S SUBSIDIARIES AND EMPLOYEES.. That being said, I would like to entertain an Idea behind Phil Robertson's Indefinate Suspension from A&E's Duck Dynasty. Phil Robertson did not want to be on this last this season of DD, but due to his contractual obligation, A&E WOULD NOT release him he was MADE to appear at least once every episode...did anyone notice that he was on DD far less than seasons prior? If I may suggest, I believe a family friend and insider at A&E concocted an Idea that would get him released from his contractual obligation (Enter GQ Mag Interview & BTW when did you ever see GQ interview much less do a story on a man with a true Redneck background...NEVER!!!) in closing, I believe this interview with GQ Mag, was not intended to piss off the Gay communities. I Strongly believe that this was the only way for Phil to get out of his contract with A&E without violating his strong christian beliefs.. I am happy that Phil finally got what he wanted and stuck it to the A&E in the process ..

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