Longtime sponsor "Realtree" has released a statement regarding their partnership with Phil Robertson, popular star of A&E's series "Duck Dynasty".

The company posted this statement on their website,

Realtree’s partnership with Phil Robertson and the Duck Commander team has remained strong for nearly a decade. Our plan is to continue that partnership. As a company, our values align well with the Robertson’s. Realtree's “Family, Friends and the Outdoors” slogan is one we take to heart. We support everyone’s right to their opinion, and we certainly support Phil’s right to his.

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This last weekend Cracker Barrel pulled Duck Dynasty merchandise from their Country Stores, only to realize they alienated their customer base. They reversed their decision and all merchandise has been replaced on the shelves. (They posted an honest apology on their Facebook page, and are still catching some flack for having pulled the items in the first place, but I kind of think it's cool that they are stand-up enough to apologize.)

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