As classes begin, everyone is wondering in the state of Arkansas if masks are required or not. Last week an Arkansas judge temporarily blocked the state's law banning mask mandates. 

Effective immediately

So, effective immediately today (August 12, 2021), masks are required in all University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana campus indoor settings, including hallways, classrooms, common areas, and shared spaces of all buildings. Personal offices are excluded when alone.


"UAHT administration has chosen to institute a mask mandate on our campuses"

Laura Clark, Interim Chancellor. The UAHT interim Chancellor said,

“It has become necessary that UAHT take an active role in maintaining the safety of our students while educating them on our campus. Today, the UA Board of Trustees approved a Delta Facemask Resolution. While we know that there is much debate and court challenges regarding mask mandates, the UAHT administration has chosen to institute a mask mandate on our campuses.”



According to the CDC Level of Community Transmission statistics, all of the UAHT service areas are at the substantial or high-risk level of community transmission, as is all Arkansas. “UAHT administration will monitor the CDC rating and evaluate the rating scale weekly,” said Clark. “If the rating scale drops to moderate risk or low risk, we will meet to determine a need to update the mask policy.”

For more information and COVID-19 updates at UAHT, visit

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