Last Saturday night July 16 was a big night in Hope, Arkansas and a big night for Texarkana as The Miss Southwest/Ouachita River Scholarship Competitions took place at Hempstead Hall on the campus of the University of Arkansas at Hope-Texarkana. And those two titles went to two women from Texarkana.  

According to the press release, there were eight contestants that were competing for two Miss Titles. Then there were five contestants vying for two Teen Titles.

 Miss Southwest & Miss Ouachita River Are Both From Texarkana

Ashton Mullins on Unsplash
Ashton Mullins on Unsplash

The competition for the Miss titles began with private interviews then on-stage interviews/social impact pitch, followed by talent and an evening gown competition.

Miss Southwest/Ouachita River Scholarship Competition
Miss Southwest/Ouachita River Scholarship Competition, Suzie Gresham Barham


Allie Graves of Texarkana, Texas, was crowned Miss Southwest 2023 and Melody Stotts of Texarkana, Arkansas was crowned Miss Ouachita River 2023.

Both women also received other awards too. Graves was awarded Overall Talent and Stotts received the overall evening gown award. Stotts also received the Miss Congeniality title.

Miss Arkansas Overall Teen


In the Teen division, the contestants went through private interviews, lifestyle/fitness, talent plus an evening gown competition and onstage question.

Chloe Hargis of Woodlawn was crowned Miss Southwest Outstanding Teen 2023. She also won the overall evening gown competition and the Miss Congeniality title.

Allie Bell of Conway was crowned Miss Ouachita River Outstanding Teen.

Over $13,000 in Scholarship Funds

Along with being crowned, over $13,000 in scholarship funds were awarded along with other prizes to the winners.

Special guests of the evening were Miss Arkansas 2022, Ebony Mitchell, and Miss Arkansas Outstanding Teen 2022, Ka’Mya Tackett also pictured.

We will see all four women compete again in the Miss Arkansas and Miss Arkansas Outstanding Teen competitions. Those competitions will be held June 3 through June 10 of 2023 in Little Rock, Arkansas.


Congratulations to all the winners and best of luck in the state competition next year.

Pictured in the photograph above left to right is: Ebony Mitchell, Miss Arkansas 2022, Allie Bell, Miss Ouachita River Outstanding Teen 2023, Melody Stotts, Miss Ouachita River 2023, Allie Graves, Miss Southwest 2023, Chloe Hargis, Miss Southwest Outstanding Teen 2023, and Ka’Mya Tackett, Miss Arkansas Outstanding Teen 2022.

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