Have you ever been traveling down some dark highway in the middle of nowhere and see something you just can't explain. Or maybe you've experienced the eerie feeling that something or someone might be traveling with you. It's happened to me on one or two occasions and the hair on the back of my neck stood straight up.

One day I was traveling through Eureka Springs, Ark., which is known for being haunted,  from what I recall it's very dark when traveling through the Ozark mountains. This particular night was unusual because of the fog that seemed to cover most of the highway, so as I proceeded down the road just about the time I was rounding a curve I saw the reflection of what looked like oncoming headlights. When I rounded the curve there was absolutely not a vehicle in sight. To this day, I don't know what it was, maybe it was just my headlights bouncing off the side of mountain into the fog. At least, that's what I want to think it was but I tell you this I won't ever travel at night in that location again.

So with that all being said, it's time to take you down the road for some of Arkansas' creepiest roads.  Here's the Top 5 Most Haunted Highways in Arkansas. Travel with caution if you dare and make sure you have a full tank of gas.

1. Old Redfield Road


You don't have to travel far to experience some paranormal activity near Little Rock in the town of Sheridan Ark. Locals have reported seeing ghostly apparitions while driving or walking down the road. Oh, don't go near the local cemetery where sightings occur on a regular basis. It's been know that radios and other electrical equipment will quit working when traveling in this area.

2. Woodson Latteral Road

Another haunted highway is located about 18 miles south of Little Rock, Woodson Latteral Road. The road is basically out in the middle of nowhere, so when traveling this highway it will be pitch black with lots of tall trees that hang over the roadway and even a cemetery on the side of the road. Remember that movie, "The Mothman Prophecies" about some winged bat or creature that appears out of nowhere, this is said to be one of the occurrences along with ghost lights, shadow people and the Woodson bridge. I say, no thank you I'll take another route.

3. Highway 365


Okay there's always that story about the haunted hitchhiker but on a famous Highway 365 road in Woodson Ark., chances are you will experience the hitchhiker. According to local legend, a female hitchhiker wearing a tattered dress appears on the side of the road and if you pick her up she will give you her address only to find when you arrive there she's no longer in your vehicle. When you ask the residents at the location about that they tell you she was their daughter and was killed in a traffic accident years ago. Can you say, See Ya!

4. Rader Road


You've heard the about the legend of Sleep Hollow where a headless horseman is seen riding through the woods holding a lantern. In Northwest Arkansas, Rader Road is best known for a similar occurrence where weary travelers have seen a galloping horse and ghost rider riding off into the woods.

5. Wolf Bayou Bridge or Cry Baby Bridge


Finally, on the Top 5 Most Haunted Highways in Arkansas comes Wolf Bayou Bridge site of a new bridge that replaced the old bridge in the small town of Scott. Ever since the new bridge was constructed legend has it that a woman and her baby died there, when she ran off the bridge. They say if you go out there at night and say the words "Mama Lou, I've got your baby," your car may stall and you may see a floating woman looking for her baby. Just hearing that makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

Do you know of any scary roads in the Ark-La-Tex?