Warmer temperatures mean more time outside. If you love to take walks or go hiking then please, please be aware of one major law, The Purple Paint Law. if you don't take this law seriously, you could be arrested and wearing orange for a while if you know what I mean.

The Purple Paint Law is a law about trespassing on someone's property and we all know that is against the law. This law is in effect in Texas, Arkansas, Louisana  Kansas, Arizona, Montana, Arkansas, Idaho, Florida, Maine, North Carolina, Missouri and Illinois. The law passed in Texas in 1997 and it's pretty much the same in the other states. This is where a landowner can mark their property lines with purple paint on trees or fence posts. But the law makes sure that you will know when you see it because it's a pretty big marking.

According to the Texas Law, Texas Penal Code 30.05

The placement of identifying purple paint marks on trees or posts on the property provided that the marks are:

  • vertical lines of not less than eight inches in length and not less than one inch in width;
  • placed so that the bottom of the mark is not less than three feet from the ground or more than five feet from the ground; and
  •  placed at locations that are readily visible to any person approaching the property and no more than:
  • 100 feet apart on forest land; or 1,000 feet apart on land other than forest land

Posted signs are still recommended to be placed at every entrance.

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