The Second City will be hosting "IMPLOYED: Using Improv Skills in Job Interviews Work" to teach tools of improvisation that will put you ahead of the competition on your next interview. Gain confidence while you learn tactics to manage nervousness, network like a pro, and keep your sense of humor in the face of the unexpected. This 90-minute, highly interactive workshop will give you tools you can use right away to make the most of every employment opportunity.
The workshop, according to the press release, will be on Wednesday, September 4, at 10AM in Hempstead Hall and is free to UAHT students. There are 50 spots available. To register, students must email with their name and student ID number. "We are excited to offer the unique experience of The Second City performing at Hempstead Hall, and now we are more excited that the same performers will be workshopping with UAHT students to give them improv techniques that will be useful in finding a job," said Amanda Lance, Director of Hempstead Hall.

The Second City's overall slate of educational programs is based on the idea that Improvisation in all forms can improve your life by encouraging teamwork and collaboration, building confidence, tying success to a model of listening and support of others, and creating a safe space to take a risk and encourage creativity.

The Second City will be performing on Tuesday, September 3, at Hempstead Hall, tickets are available online at

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