If your on social media then more than likely you have a profile picture. The relationship app Hinge has come up with the best poses for your profile pic to get the most likes. These tips not only for a dating site but for just updating that dreaded profile pic that you haven't updated in a year.

The website Medium.com published the survey and found what people like and respond to best on someone's profile pic. The found the best practices for both men and women and surprisingly there are some differences.

The survey found that women should: Look away from the camera, smile with teeth showing, stand alone and wear hair up.

For men: Smile without showing your teeth, look into the camera and stand alone.

Other dos for both men and women are sports related photos and candid photos. Black and white photos do really well too.

Don'ts include beach photos. What? Hmm, personally I love beach photos, imagine that. the survey also said no bathroom selfies. Okay, I definitely agree with this.

You can check out the rest of the survey at Medium.com


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