The State of Texas keeps opening up little by little. Here's another great sign that some things are getting a bit more back to normalcy here in Texarkana.

The Texarkana, Texas Parks and Recreation Department just announced that beginning Monday, June 15 at 9AM city park pavilions will be open to the public at a 50% capacity and they will start taking reservations at that time. Please be aware that there is a maximum amount of people that you are allowed to have and it depends on the size of the pavilion size. The following are maximum capacities for opening pavilions on June 15.

Spring Lake Park at 4303 N Park Road in Texarkana, Texas.
#1 - 55 people
#2 - 40 people
#3 - 41 people

Bringle Lake Park at 7602 Bringle Lake Road in Texarkana, Texas.
50 people

Grady T. Wallace at 3419 Leopard Drive in the Liberty-Eylau area of Texarkana, Texas.
50 people

Bell Park at 3208 Lincoln Avenue, just South of College Drive in Texarkana, Texas.
40 people

Karrh Park at  2102 S Ann St, in Texarkana, Texas.
55 people

Joplin Park at 1401-1799 West St, Texarkana, Texas.
40 people

To make a reservation or for more information, call the Southwest Center at 903-798-3978 opt: #1

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