Texarkana made a good national list recently. Actually, Texarkana, Arkansas did. Apartment Guide released a new report on the most affordable cities for renters in America. guess who came in at #5? Good ol' Texarkana Arkansas.

The report is based on the price of an average one-bedroom apartment from February 2020 to this February and looks at the change in rent over the past year to make the list of the most affordable cities. The website also shares tips on how to find the most affordable apartments in any city.

But Kuddos to Texarkana Arkansas! Here's what all the website said about the rent price and about Texarkana:

  • Average 1-BR rent price: $542
  • Rent change over the past year: 0.78%

Early in its history, Texarkana — the Arkansas side — was part of a battle with the independent Republic of Texas for land, as the two nations fought over the placement of their borders. Coming of age as a rail and lumber hub, today the city's economy centers around agricultural processing, sales and service

The article also goes on to talk about how unique our city is.

Here are the other cities that made the top eight list:

8. Leesville, Lousiana

7.Greenville, Texas

6. Brusly, Lousiana

5. Texarkana Arkansas!

4. Pascagoula, Mississippi

3. Marion, Indiana

2. Patterson, Lousiana

1. East Grand Forks, Minnesota

You can visit Apartment Guide's website to see the list and what they say about all the towns on the list.

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