If you have a pet then chances are that your love of animals started young with a stuffed animal. So, you can understand the need to get the word out about this recently found Teddy Bear and the urgency to get him back to his human!

Posted on the Texarkana Cheers and Jeers Facebook group by Kimberly Caldwell:

Cheers to whomever can help this little guy find his way home! We still have not found the owner. He’s getting his exercise, put on his sweat band and went for a jog this morning, and he’s had a bath after being found in the wet cold rain yesterday. Someone’s child has got to be missing their bear! Please help us find its home!

Kimberly told us "He was 'saved' from the middle of the road on kings highway as soon as you get into the PG intermediate school zone. Tuesday morning, he was soaking wet."

Kimberly Caldwell
Kimberly Caldwell

If you have any information as to who this sweet bear belongs to please call Kimberly at (903) 278-0636. Let's get this bear back to it's human!

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