Independence Day

Today is Independence Day. Americans will be celebrating this mid-summer holiday at the lakes, in the pool, in the backyard with friends cooking out or just relaxing on vacation watching a fireworks show. But do you really know what you are celebrating?
Best Art Ever (This Week): Independence Day 2014 Edition
It’s Independence Day in the USA, and the ComicsAlliance staff has the day off. As such, here’s a special compilation of all the patriotic pin-ups and other pieces of art that we feel are distinctly American enough to spotlight on the fourth of July. Check out some excellent visions of your favorite superheroes in the red, white and blue (and sometimes yellow – somehow it works) and enjoy the holiday.
8 Random Facts About July 4th
It's the July 4th weekend, and I thought it would be a good time to share 8 random facts about July 4th. From Cooking out, fireworks, and American flags, to cold beer. #1.) Americans spend $111 MILLION on popsicles and charcoal for July 4th weekend.
Ready for Sparks In The Park 2011
Eagle 106.3, The City of Texarkana Arkansas, and Wells Fargo Bank proudly present SPARKS IN THE PARK 2011 at the Four States Fairgrounds! With activities, and fun for the whole family starting at 4PM, Saturday July 2nd!