Summer is officially here. A recent survey from Dunkin' Donuts said that most people are happy about the hot season finally being here.  Unfortunately, there are some summer scams that are going around as well and if you become a victim of one of them it could ruin your summer.  

According to the Huffington Post, here are a few scams to be aware:

  • Vacation scams. Feeding on our desire to get away and explore. Watch out for travel clubs. You know the drill, big discounts but you'll need to pay a big fee first.
  • Home improvement and yard work. Never pay before the job is done.
  • Summer jobs - Scammers will advertise for jobs on legitimate sites. So watch for jobs that ask you to pay a fee before you can work.

Always be suspicious of an offer that sounds to good to be true. If you come across a scam in our area contact the police and make a report. By reporting a scam, you could save somebody not only a lot of money, but their summer too.


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