Social distancing, it's our new normal. You know the drill, we all need to try to stay 6 feet away from each other if they aren't in our normal household and if we can't stay that far apart we need to wear a face mask. Yeah, we get it or do we?

So now we can see how we in Texas and Arkansas compare to other states.

Texas seems to be doing a pretty good job coming in at number 15, but Arkansas? Yikes, Arkansas came in at...43? Seriously?

According to a press release from Top Data:

At the beginning of August, people in Arkansas were interacting with an average of 3.49 other people each day. That is 76.7% of the normal or pre-COVID level of interactions people were engaging in (4.55) during the same time in 2019.

Even Oklahoma and Louisana did better than Arkansas

The Top 5 States doing the best with social distancing are:

1. California

2. Nevada

3. Illinois

4. Arizona

5. Washington

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