There was an article in a local paper the other day regarding registered sex offenders in our area. The police keep tabs as best they can, but it helps to educate yourself. We have a link for you here.

There is a free web service called "Family Watchdog", that lets you search registered sex offenders living in your area. You can use the site to help educate your family on possible dangers in areas they visit.

You just enter an address and a map will come up with all registered locations of convicted sex offenders. You can click on the squares that are on the map and see photos, addresses, information on the convictions, and more information if it is available on each offender.

Knowing who these offenders are, what they look like, and what they have done is a huge weapon in the defense of your loved ones... AWARENESS.

You should also sign up for their free notifications to keep updated with offenders that move in or out of your area. Family Watchdog can also notify you when a registered sexual predator moves within five miles of your given address. Family Watchdog can also track offenders and send you notifications if the specified offender has had a change.

(If you know of an offender that does not appear on the map, contact your local police or sheriff department. A registered sexual offender that fails to report is committing a felony, and can be returned to prison.)

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