Here's a great way for students at Southern Arkansas University to earn college credits between semesters this year. SAU is offering a five-week fall intersession in December with a wide variety of courses so students will be able to earn credits during their winter break.

“We adjusted our fall schedule for COVID,” said Dr. Trey Berry, SAU president in a press release. “The fall semester will end in November, which presents a fabulous opportunity to have an additional intersession during December.”

Intersessions provide shortened schedules for classes and are often held between traditional semesters. Many of the classes offer three credit hours of instruction but are accelerated due to the shortened time period, similar to summer school.

“We have had a small fall intersession in the past with only a few courses available, but with the longer winter break, we are able to provide a more robust offering this year,” said Dr. David Lanoue, provost and vice president for academic affairs. “This can be a great opportunity for students to get classes they need to stay on track.”

Students can benefit from intersession courses to increase their total number of credit hours, which is often a requirement of maintaining a scholarship. Intersession is also an opportunity to take a class which may not have fit into the student’s schedule previously, or to complete a necessary prerequisite before the next semester begins.

Approximately 25 classes will be offered during this intersession, which will run from December 1-31, 2020.

“All of the classes will be online,” Lanoue said, “so students can complete the classes from wherever they are during the semester break.”

A full listing of the classes offered during SAU’s fall intersession can be found at:

The fall intersession schedule can be found at:

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