When "Duck Dynasty" producers wanted Phil Robertson to quit saying "in Jesus name we pray", because it might offend Muslims he stood his ground. In this video Phil and Willie discuss some of the behind the scenes issues with the hit TV Show.

Phil and Willie Robertson recently did an interview with Sports Spectrum Magazine TV, and discussed some behind the scenes issues they have had with "Duck Dynasty" producers, like "fake bleeps", and not wanting to use the name of Jesus in the family prayer, that is a staple of the hit show.

Phil asked why they want to cut "in Jesus name" out, and was told it was to keep from offending Muslims. Robertson responded by asking them "What year is it?" and when they said 2012, Phil continued...

2012 A.D. Anno Domini. The year of our Lord. I said, ‘you Hollywood cats are counting time from Jesus, just like I am. I would think that of all the people who walked the planet Earth, if we’ve all decided in America here to count time by just one of ‘em, Jesus of Galilee, I just don’t think it would hurt to throw his name in there from time to time.”

Phil says that from that conversation, producers and editors have since decided to leave the prayer alone.

Willie also discusses some of the issues that Christians have had with the television program. The video is a little long, but worth the six minutes... watch!

What are some of your thoughts on these topics? (Please share in the comments below.)

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