Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx took to twitter to slam Phil Robertson and the Duck Dynasty gang, but called him out over racist and anti-gay remarks that Sixx has made, and posted video of it. Nikki then quietly deleted his tweets, and now he's keeping his mouth shut.

Most everybody knows that once you put something online... it never really goes away. Here are the tweets that Sixx was hoping to dispose of...

Twitchy Screen Cap
Twitchy Screen Cap
loading... called Nikki out over his own behavior in the past and even posted this video of Nikki trying to incite a riot against a security guard that he called a "f*****g n****r"... Be warned this video is full of foul language, and the racist remark at the one minute point...

So, did Nikki Sixx delete his tweets in an effort to hide his own hypocrisy?

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