This is just crazy! I never imagined things would have worked out like this in a million years, but it has, and I guess I better get you caught up.

September 2017 is when I got the results back of my first DNA test. Since I was adopted, my wife and I thought it might be a good idea to send one in and see what we could learn about any family history, health information, that sort of thing. Little did I know what was about to unfold.

The first thing I found was I had a half-sister in California on my birth mother’s side. My new sister, Renee, had all her contact information on the DNA testing service because she already knew I existed and was anxious to find me. So, it was easy to call and connect with her, which was awesome! Through her, I learned who my birth mother was. I knew this might be a touchy thing because who knew if she wanted to meet me or find out how I turned out or not… I had no idea. But I sent her a friend request on Facebook, she responded, and we met in person about a year later. That meeting was great and our relationship has been wonderful and growing ever since.

My birth mother decided that my birth father needed to know about me and what a wonderful goofball I am. He had never known that I existed. She contacted him and let him know about lil ol' me. He was, of course, shocked and surprised, but once he saw a few pics, there was no doubt. She called to let me know what she did, and I was surprised as well. I had never really asked her much about my father; I figured she would tell me things at her own pace if she wanted to.

Man, that cat is outta that bag now! After a few days and a few more friend requests exchanged browsers, it was time for that first phone call, which ended up being with my new sister Danna and J Gary (new dad). That phone call was amazing!

J Gary and Me

Believe it or not, a couple of weeks later we made a trip to Houston to meet up with the new family. And don't think for a minute that I didn't include my mom who raised me in this event, my wife, daughter Stephanie and her husband, Justin, and my youngest son, Tyler. There were a bunch from the new family as well... J Gary, sister Danna and her husband Hal, plus some of their kids and grandkids, new aunts, nieces and nephews, cousins, and I'm not sure what all. I do know, from the pictures all around and the stories that were told, this new family is hugemungous! I haven't met my new brother John yet because he lives in Nashville, along with one of Danna's sons who is also currently residing in Music City. I can't wait to meet them both.

Here come the crazy things (there are a lot of those, by the way)… one of Danna's sons, Justin, lives four houses down from my mother! True!

Another crazy thing, we all grew up on the West side of Houston and pretty much hung out at all the same places! There's no telling how many times over the years we have run into one another.

Crazy thing #3, I went to high school with my sister's husband! Yes, true!

Crazy thing #4, we all know a lot of the same people, in the Houston area and in Nashville through school, radio, and the country music business.

J Gary (dad) has been very successful in the Country Music industry in Nashville and still has a home there. Can't wait to visit.

I still have a lot of my new family to meet and they have a lot of my old family to meet as well.

The holidays should be quite a hoot.

I never dreamed this would turn out at all like this. I'm 58 years old and now have two new "younger" siblings who will never let me forget I'm the older one, an awesome new dad who for all the world seems to like me and my family so far... go figure. I have a ginormous new family and can't wait to meet them all.

My experience with the DNA testing thing has gone better than my wildest dreams. I guess good things really do come to those who wait.

Thanks to my wife who thinks her "Woobie" is an alright guy and deserved a DNA test kit, my kids who apparently think I'm ok as well, my mom (who thinks I’m perfect), and to my step-dad Bob, my dad James and step-mom Terry who have passed on, who all raised me right, to Love God and be a good person. Thanks also to my brothers and sister in Cowtown and their families. Last but certainly not least I must thank my birth-mother, she had to make some tough choices back in the day and scary ones to let my birth-father know about me, and I thank God she did. I am truly blessed beyond anything I could have ever asked for or deserve. God is good.

And now, more pics!

Tyler, Donna, Jackie, J Gary, Me, Stephanie and Danna
Danna with Steph and Justin
Tyler and Donna
Nephew Justin and my mom
Sister Danna and me

Did I tell you got a new guitar? Ain't she purdy?

FF338 Blue - Jim's new guitar
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