We're all electioned out! We're tired of hearing about all the polls, who's ahead and who is dragging behind. It's a close race for President. Very close!

This race could end up being one of the closest Presidential elections in history. In fact, with all the polls, it definitely will be:

A review of polling data going back to 1936 shows the race between President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney is the closest in 76 years.

As of Monday, President Obama has a very slim 0.4 percent lead in the popular vote based on consensus data from Real Clear Politics. Gallup suspended its national tracking polling last week after Hurricane Sandy, but its recent swing state poll shows Obama and Romney tied at 48 percent.

I talked with our news and political guru John Williams this morning and he told us to watch for a few things tonight.

Remember, the winner of the election need 270 electoral votes. First, Mitt Romney needs to carry both Florida and Virgina. Obama needs to get Pennsylvania and Michigan. If those sway to the other candidate then it could be a landslide for the candidate that gets those. If they both get their states, then look for who takes Wisconsin, Ohio and New Hampshire. If that still splits evenly then watch for Iowa and Colorado and where they fall.

Confused yet? Still, there is always a chance that both candidates will get 269 electoral votes each! Yikes! A tie? Then it will get REALLY confusing!

Hang on, it's gonna be an interesting night!

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