It's fun to go on a quick trip out of town and discover new places, but it's also fun to rediscover our very own town. When was the last time you checked out these places right here in Texarkana?  If you were a tour guide, where would your tour of Texarkana go? I listed my top four places. What other places should be on the tour?

Photographer's Island at the Post Office in downtown Texarkana. Yes! This is the first stop on my tour of Texarkana.  I'm always surprised that I don't see more people here.  Who wouldn't want to get their picture taken in two states at the same? My niece loved it.

John Monaghan


Spring Lake Park - Such a great place for a stroll around the lake. Be sure to bring bread crumbs so you and your tour group can feed the ducks and geese. Of course, you'll have to follow this with a screening of The Town That Dreaded Sundown.

Townsquare Media


Perot Theater - Thanks to Texarkana native Ross Perot this theater is fully restored to its original glory. It's such a great part of Texarkana's history!



Ace of Clubs House - Built in 1885 this is always a must when family and friends visit Texarkana for the first time. This museum will give you a glimpse into the way life was in early Texarkana. Each room takes you into different decades of fashion and decor spanning over 100 years that the Draughon-Moore family lived there.

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