An interesting question comes up with Jodi Arias being convicted in the murder of Travis Alexander. She is facing life in prison, or death, and Jodi wants death.

If you haven't kept up with it... Jodi Arias was dating Travis Alexander back in 2008 and they broke up but had sex that June. Afterwards, Jodi shot Travis, stabbed him 20 times, then slit his throat.

She claimed self-defense, but the jury didn't believe her and convicted her of murder in the first degree. She now faces spending the rest of her natural life in prison, or the death penalty if the jury believes Travis' death was cruel and premeditated. Which there is evidence it was premeditated, and his death was indeed cruel... (and taking pictures of him afterwards was just weird and cruel.)

In an interview with the Pheonix FOX affiliate after the jury's verdict was read. Arias said she would rather get the death penalty than life in prison.

(I think she is still lying and still trying to manipulate the jury... she reminds me of a not very smart teenager. I feel like she is saying she wants the death penalty so that the jury will not want to give it to her, thinking she will suffer more in prison. I say that if a murderer wants the death penalty, let them have it.)

What do you think?

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