More and more people are choosing to marry traditional medicine with a holistic approach.I believe both types of medicine have merit. So my quest to fill my medicine cabinet with natural remedies begins.

I have always sought out non-traditional remedies ever since my mother introduced them to me when I was young. I grew up with six siblings, so my mother tried her best to only go to the doctor when it was really needed. Growing up we really didn't have much money to make unnecessary trips for our health.

Hence, my mother found a health food store near our house in Cincinnati where we shopped for our vitamins, cod liver oil and allergy shots. (One of my fondest memories is counting my pennies on the counter so that I could buy as many sesame sticks which were two or three cents a piece. Everywhere I went I scoured the ground for money that people accidentally dropped on the ground so I could buy more of those sticks of honey goodness.)

Anyway, I have always thought there is more than one way to address a condition or ailment. It just seems logical that natural remedies work with the biorhythms of the body as well as traditional ones. Now let's see what holistic remedies can help us combat the cold season from Dr. Oz and Dr. Weil.

Pain, Headaches, Fever

Ginger Tea helps alleviate pain and swelling. You can either buy a box of ginger tea or buy it raw. If you buy a hand of ginger root, mince about a teaspoon then let it steep in a cup of hot water. Drink the cup of tea.

Capsaicin Cream such as Humco can be used for a cluster headache which stays in one place but can cause a runny nose and fever. Rub the inside of your nose with the cream and inhale. You can also rub a small amount of the spice in your nose.

Feverfew can be taken either in capsule or liquid form to relieve migraine headaches. Follow the directions on the bottle.


A Neti Pot is an effective way to reduce nasal and sinus congestion. They clean out your sinuses. Dr. Oz has more information on how to use the Neti Pot.

Saline sprays  such as Arm & Hammer can clear out nasal congestion. According to Dr. Oz, "Saline nasal sprays, a mix of sterile water and salt, work by thinning mucous and soothing nasal inflammation. If used consistently, they may also help rinse out pollen or bacteria that irritate airways. Saline sprays boost moisture and are especially helpful in winter months when the inside of the nose may dry out and be prone to bleeding."


Umcka Cold Syrup as well as Slippery Elm lozenges reduce nasal and bronchial irritations and sore throats. Follow the directions on the packaging for best results. Also, according to Dr. Weil, eucalyptus which comes in "whole fresh and dried leaves, essential oils, salves and rubs" can also be helpful to relieve symptoms.


A Neti Pot is suggested to help alleviate common seasonal allergies. It clears out the sinuses and can be used on a regular basis without harm to the body. I found some interesting information on the Neti Pot on Dr. OZ website.

Nasya Oil is another thing to keep on hand. I have never heard of this oil until doing a little research. Evidently, it "a year-round treatment to prevent and treat seasonal allergies. Nasya helps to remove toxins that accumulate from the upper part of your body by opening up the lymphatic channels and allowing the toxins to be removed through your nasal passage" according to Dr. Oz.

Digestion Problems

Chamomile or ginger tea assist in neutralizing the acid in the stomach. Also, probiotics put the good bacteria into your digestive tract which reduces the acid level to be alkaline.

Itchy Rashes, Bug Bites and Other Skin Problems

Calamine lotion is an old-fashioned pink liquid soothes itching from rashes and bites and dries up weepy rashes like the kind you get from poison ivy" can relieve many skin irritations, according to Real Simple Magazine.  Also, a cream form of Califlora Calendula relieves irritated skin and sunburn. SssstingStop helps relieve pain from insect bites.

Cuts and Burns

Califlora Calendula, which is made from a plant to reduce swelling and inflammation, leg ulcers and wounds. The cream can be a little oily and leave a stain in you clothes. I found this out the hard way so I always buy the gel.

I know that I probably haven't covered everything you may want in your medicine cabinet but I think this is a good start. Once you begin to look up what natural remedies will reduce different symptoms, you can't stop. It is addictive! Comparing my cabinet of natural remedies so the list above has been eye opening.

I have many of the items listed but I don't have a Neti Pot, Slippery Elm or Eucalyptus oil. After reading the various articles on this subject, I now realize that the Neti Pot should be a staple in my cabinet. Time to take a trip to the health food store. I hope to see you there!

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