No two people are the same. Everyone reacts differently depending upon their background, values and viewpoint. So it's hardly surprising that a man and a woman bound together in marriage would have a few bumps communicating with one another.

At first everything is new so each mate tries hard to put their best foot forward so to speak. However, over time the lines of communication begin to fray around the edges. What can you do to fix the problem? Should you focus on your mate or would it be more reasonable to look at yourself?

Everyone wants to believe they are perfect and have nothing to work on but that is not reality. Each of us has something they want to change. When my husband emailed me this article, I was wondering why? Was he sending me a subliminal message? Did he think I needed to work on my communication skills? My first reaction was, "Really? I don't need help communicating. I have this topic covered."

However, after reading the article, I was reminded of something my therapist once said to me, "how will anyone know how you feel if you don't tell them". Each person comes to an understanding of themselves in their own time, but only you can analyze if a situation in life is in your best interest or not.

Hence, as Redbook Magazine states, "Ask for what you want. Be specific. Would you like him to take the kids to the park Saturday morning or go grocery shopping after work? The more you let him know where to pitch in more, the fewer miscommunications you’ll have."

Communicating with a calm tone of voice at the right time and place and choosing your words carefully will reap the results you want. A husband who will listen with an open mind and heart can learn to change.

I also learned something else. Even when you think you have incorporated good communication skills in your marriage, you can always improve them by reading thought provoking articles which challenge your perspective. This helps each of us become a better partner in life.

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