As a child, did you have the opportunity to play an instrument? I did. My older brother, sister and I took violin lessons at the insistence of my father. My father didn't have the luxury of playing an instrument. Although my father would have enjoyed learning to play the violin, I dreamed of playing the piccolo.

My siblings and I played in the school orchestra and had private lessons for years. I had the privilege of being first chair or concertmaster in the seventh and eighth grade. I enjoyed some of the duties but not others. All three of us went on to play the violin in the high school orchestra.

Yet, never once did I think about what my parents had to sacrifice so that my siblings and I could play the violin. Then I saw this video of young children in Caterua, Paraguay who live in a slum on a landfill. The cost of an instrument such as a violin would be the price of a house in Caterua. However, this didn't stop the community from using recycled items to make instruments so that their children could form the Landfill Harmonic. Watch this video clip and reflect on the many ways your parents gave of themselves without asking for anything in return!

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