"What a beautiful insect!", I exclaimed until I learned a little bit more about this breathtaking creature.The Orchid Mantis "is a praying mantis, which has got its name because it resembles the flower of an orchid with its four walking legs resembling flower petals" according to World Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

The forests of Southeast Asia are where the Orchid Mantis can be found. The females are longer than their male counterpart, moult seven times instead of five, and live eight months rather than six as males do. After the final moulting occurs, the Orchid Mantis becomes either white or pink in color.

Females can be distinguished by a green necklace around the neck and the male by a brownish-purplish necklace. Both the male and female can fly but the females is considerably more aggressive. Outside magazine says, "with petal-like legs and attractive coloring, the orchid mantis uses its flower resemblance for hunting, researchers say, confirming years of speculation." Watch this video to see Orchid Mantis lure its prey!

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