Main Street Texarkana has the opportunity to win $25,000 and you can help!

It's a social media voting contest and Texarkana has come through in the past on these types of contests, remember the Dog Parks contests? 

Main Street Texarkana has been named a quarter-finalist from a previous voting period. 

 Now it's time to really show them what we got. The voting begins today, (Monday, April 29) and will run through Sunday, May 26th. The winner will receive $25,000.  

Each person can vote up to 25 times each day on each device they own. 

To make it even easier to vote, they have made a Facebook page where you can find the link and quickly vote there! But, remember to vote 25 times on each of your devices you will need to close out the page and click on the link again. 



 According to the press release:

The top 10 semifinalists will be announced May 27. The winner of the 2019 “America’s Main Streets” contest will be announced June 3 followed by a “Main Streets Make Us Better” celebration on the Fourth of July, when the winner will announce how the prize money will be used.


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