Today (August 8) is International Cat Day and it's well deserved. Cats, at times, take a back seat to dogs. Today we raise awareness for felines all around the world and celebrate how awesome cats are! Humans and cats have a unique relationship that goes back 8 to 10 thousand years. Ancient Egyptians even worshiped them. 

It's no wonder that we love our cats. Cats are intelligent, graceful creatures but, they have a fun quirky side too. It's subtle but when you get to know a cats personality they can really make you bust out into a belly laugh. Cats are also independent so when a cat decides he likes you? Well, it's pretty much an honor you should wear with pride.

Cats are amusing to watch. Even though they sleep a lot they are great at entertaining themselves and that is when the fun really begins. Try putting a box on the floor. If there is a cat nearby it will hop in the box within seconds. Throw a milk ring or a ball of foil down on the ground and they'll swat it all over the house for hours or at least until it gets lost under your living room couch. If they live outside they might bring you a present. Yes, it might be a dead bird or a mouse, but it's the thought that counts right?

But absolutely the very best part of having a cat is when they decide they want some loving. That's when they will jump up onto your lap or up on the bed and they curled up and get all cuddly and sleepy.

Yeah, cats are pretty special, amazing and very cool. So here's a wish for a Happy International Cat Day to all the cool cats out there!

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