In just one day of its Kickstarter campaign, the Gamestick has reached about 94% of its funding goal, which is $100,000. Wowsers.

the Gamestick is definitely something that’s starting a buzz. Much like the Ouya, the Gamestick wants to change the gaming landscape and make it more accessible for gamers. The plan is to encapsulate the power of a TV-gaming machine in a little 2-inch stick which can run Android games on an open platform.

They’ve developed a controller for it that calls to mind the old, rectangular design of the Nintendo Entertainment System’s controller, with a slot at the top in which you can store the Gamestick itself. The name of the game here is portability and accessibility.

You can pledge your money now and secure your own console and controller for as little as $69. That’s even cheaper than the Ouya, which is $99!

Check out the campaign page here and join this other gaming revolution. We can’t wait to see how everything changes once these two machines are released.