Mental-floss did a post about a couple of books from 1950's that are filled with advice that I guarantee will piss your wife off.

Among some of the tips they offer...

  • Don't Talk - We all know how women love being told to shut up, right?
  • Be a Good Cook - According to the advice in the book, if you are a bad cook, your man will go to Saloons.
  • Don't Crave Sex - I told you this advice was stupid, didn't I?
  • Wear Pink Panties - Um... That one is alright.
  • Let Him Cheat / Don't Talk - The book advises to let him tomcat around, then don't talk about it... actually the book advises to not even let him know that you know what he did.

There are some more tips that we are sure you cannot wait to see at Mental-floss.


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