There’s a new trailer available for the upcoming Sylvester Stallone action flick ‘Bullet to the Head,’ and it offers up a laugh or two at the expense of vinyl records in addition to blasting a classic rock anthem from Foreigner during one particular scene.

The movie, due in theaters in 2013, revolves around the plot of a hitman (Stallone) on his way out of the business  — after finishing, of course, “one last job.” He and a young police officer played by Sung Kang become unlikely allies after their partners are killed by the same man. The film is an adaptation of a graphic crime novel of the same name.

The scene depicted in the trailer that’s bound to raise some laughs (or eyebrows) from classic rock fans shows Stallone and Kang getting into a car and turning on the radio. With Foreigner’s 1978 smash ‘Hot Blooded’ blasting out of the speakers, the younger Kang says to the seemingly curmudgeonly Stallone, “Hey, you mind if we listen to something from this century?”

Further on in the clip, there’s a little dig at the vinyl format as well when Stallone tells Kang, “You’re starting to sound like a broken record,” to which Kang quips back, “They don’t even make records anymore.” Leaving Stallone with a single snarky response – “Great.” (And also, we might add, false.)

‘Bullet to the Head’ also starts Christian Slater and Jason Momoa. Watch the trailer below for the movie, which is due out this winter. You can read more about ‘Bullet to the Head,’ as well as Stallone’s current movie ‘The Expendables 2,’ over at Screencrush.

Watch the Trailer for ‘Bullet to the Head’

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