I’ve heard of Super Hero and Barbie birthday cakes. I even found a cake that looked like a hamburger for my husband a few years back, but what happens when you have a little girl who wants a snake cake and her mother is a professional cake maker? Well, ya make a snake cake!

Francesca Pitcher of Kent, England is a professional cake-maker and owner of  North Star Cakes:

‘I made the cake for my daughter’s sixth birthday party.’We had recently been to the zoo and I asked her what cake she wanted for her birthday, and suggested a snake, which I immediately regretted because I have a real phobia of them.’But Claudia said she wanted it to scare her friends as it was going to be a spooky themed party.

Spooky is right! What amazing work! No doubt, Francesca cake orders are on the rise!  Unfortunately, she doesn’t ship outside of the U.K. :(


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