A 12-year-old boy from Mesquite has been banned from playing Pee Wee Football. He’s too big.  Elijah Earnheart is six feet tall and weighs 300 pounds!

The seventh grader has been practicing with the Mesquite Vikings for a few weeks with no problems. Then came the preseason weigh-in. There is a rule in the Pee Wee Football Association that states  any seventh grader over 135 pounds is barred from the Pee Wee league, but he can play in a school league. If he was in sixth grade he could play in the Pee Wee games. So, is it about weight or age?

I do feel for the boy, but I also wonder about the safety of the other kids. I mean, this is a big kid! To me it’s like asking 7th graders to play football against college players! Am I wrong?  Take a look at the video below for the whole story and tell us what you think.


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