Can you say creepy? Remember a couple of weeks ago the stories coming out around the country about people receiving unsolicited packages from China?

People were finding seeds in those packages from China and at least 15 states were issuing warnings to not open the packages, do not plant the seeds and call state authorities. Well, now people are reporting that they are now getting unsolicited packages from China again but when they open the package there is at least one face mask sometimes two masks. Creepy right?

Even creepier is there is no note, no nothing just the mask. Are they just trying to freak us out?  KHOU TV did a story on the mystery packages. You can see the story below. So what do you do if you receive one of these packages? Don't just throw it out the Federal Trade Commission gives more advice below.

Federal Trade Commission says this scam is called 'Brushing'

You might have read about the “brushing” scam. In this one, somebody sends you stuff, unordered, because it lets them give themselves a great review in your name. Annoying, but whatever, right? Nope. More than annoying. It could mean that the scammers have created an account in your name, or taken over your account, on online retail sites. Or even created new accounts (maybe lots of them) in other names tied to your address. Letting them post lots of seemingly-real reviews. So keep an eye on your online shopping accounts. If you spot activity that isn’t yours, report it to the site right away, and think about changing your password for that site.

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