If you are looking for a screaming good time, the House of Horrors Haunted House in Texarkana is now open. It's a scary place even when all of the ghosts and ghouls aren't lurking in the house. Take a tour with me as I check out the house before the monsters take over.

Even without the scary music and many freaky inhabitants, I was ready to run to safety.

Be sure to take friends along so you don't go missing down a narrow hallway never to be found again.

Mimi Campbell, Townsquare Media

Here's a bit of sad news, Giggles the Clown is no longer with us.

Mimi Campbell, Townsquare Media

Apparently he didn't make it out of the haunted house last year. You can pay your respects at his grave as you take your last few steps before entering the house. RIP Giggles.

Mimi Campbell, Townsquare Media

The layout of the house is different every year to keep visitors in the dark wondering what new twists and turns await them in the house. Rest assured, the end does eventually come -- one way or another.

Mimi Campbell, Townsquare Media

The House of Horrors Haunted House is at 5301 West 7th Street in Texarkana, Texas, one mile west of Kmart. It's open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 7-10PM every week in October until the very last weekend in October when they will be open Thursday through Monday. Cost to enter is $10 per person. No one knows what it costs to leave.

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