Have you ever wondered what the inside of Union Station in downtown Texarkana looks like?

In the video, you get a chance to check out this Texarkana landmark and also get a little history of its construction. Did you know that the population of Texarkana exploded from just 2500 people in 1880 to 10,918 in 1887?

The video goes into detail of the World War II history of Union Station, where almost all of the soldiers that fought in Europe would pass through this station. The video also talks about one of Texarkana's darkest incidents in history. In 1892 Edward Coy a black man was tied to post and set on fire because of false rape accusations by a white female friend. The rest of the story is so bad and you have to watch the video to see more about it.

Union Station at one time was a night club a strip club, and a restaurant. Now it just sits as a reminder of what it used to be in Texarkana. With the Grim Hotel and other projects going on in and around the downtown area, maybe someone will try to rehabilitate Union Station into something we all can be proud of. What do you think can go in the old Union Station.


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