In the wake of the devastating shootings in Newtown, Conn. this morning, we're all left wondering why and how this act of senseless violence could possibly happen. Celebrities from across the country have been tweeting and posting Facebook updates about the shootings all morning. This is what some of them have said about today's harrowing incident.

Superstar country singer Blake Shelton says he and wife Miranda Lambert are "sending out prayers to all those affected by the tragedy that happened in Connecticut this morning. Makes me sick to my stomach knowing that there's people out there like this [who] can hurt people. Children at that! Praying for all the families and innocent lives lost today! Such a sad story!"

"As we process the horrific tragedy in Connecticut today, we are given a stark reminder of how precious and fragile we all are to one another," says Oprah's favorite physician, Dr. Mehmet Oz. "Our hearts go out to the families who suffered the unspeakable. The events will be in our thoughts and prayers as we all stand in solidarity with those who are suffering so deeply. When a tragedy like this happens, I believe that it is in our nature to come together as one. Now more than ever, we as a country are with the people of Newtown, Connecticut."

"We can no longer allow human rules over God's laws," says actor Johnathan Schaech (That Thing You Do). "God bless all those families at Sandy Hook. God's little ones need us to grow up."

Singer Chris Mann (The Voice), says "Sending thoughts and prayers to the families and victims of the Newtown, Connecticut shooting. What a tragedy."

"I have a heavy heart. My thoughts and prayers are with all those families affected by the devastating shooting at the Sandy Hook Elementary School," says talk show diva Wendy Williams.

"The tragedy in Newton, Connecticut leaves us all very sad," say the Canadian Tenors. "Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the loved ones lost."

Musician and radio personality John Tesh says, "We are all out here on the road praying for those poor little kids and their moms and dads. I am so sick of this madness."

Actor and model Gilles Marini (Switched at BirthBrothers & Sisters, Dancing With the Stars) says, "Really! How could anyone kill a child? Eighteen children killed and nine adults. I am sometime ashamed to be a human being. Something is really wrong in this world. My heart is fractured. Connecticut elementary school in our hearts forever!"

Savannah, Georgia's culinary queen Paula Deen says, "My heart is just breaking over the senseless violence in Connecticut this morning. My prayers go out to all the families. Make sure you hug your loved ones tight the first chance you get."

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