During our recent trip to Fort Worth my son Tyler and I had the chance to head to Big D for a tour of the Cavanaugh Flight Museum at Addison Airport, oh yes, it's "worth the drive."

Addison Airport is located on the North side of Dallas in Addison, Texas, just a very short drive from the Galleria. See map below. The address for the museum is 4572 Claire Chennault St, Addison, TX 75001.

This was my second time to visit this museum, the last time was several years ago and they have grown quite a bit since then. The museum has added more planes and another hanger I believe.

Cavanaugh has a fine collection of vintage aircraft with many still in flying condition and more under renovation all the time. The money they make from the museum tour fees goes to keeping these warbirds in the air if possible or at least restoring them as close as can be.

Static displays include aircraft from WWI through Viet Nam and a lot of extras. We buzzed the hangers pretty quickly during our visit because we had other places to be, but an airplane buff could easily spend a couple of hours or more viewing everything the Cavanaugh Flight Museum has to offer.

It's a big "Thumbs Up" from this plane lover!

The photos below represent a small sampling of the many planes on display.

Cavanaugh Flight Museum




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