A couple of years ago my wife Donna and I did something that we don't get to do very often, take a week off and go seek adventure in places we haven't been before. I believe some people refer to it as a "vacation."  Depending on how well you get along with your significant other, that can be a dream come true or a living nightmare. Luckily, our week off together was terrific. One of the places we ventured off to was Branson, Missouri. This was the first time in Branson for either of us and we had all kinds of places in mind to hit up, one of which is called the Promised Land Zoo, now officially added to a series we like to call, "Worth the Drive."

My wife squeed with delight when she discovered this zoo where you get to pet and feed sloths. The Promised Land Zoo had four of them back then and no, it's not cheap to do, but for you sloth lovers out there (and you know who you are) there is no price you wouldn't pay for this VIP opportunity and you know it. By the way, it was worth every penny! This is a great fundraiser and educational opportunity for the zoo.

PL Zoo - Sloths 3 - JimWeaver
Promised Land Zoo - Sloths 3 - JimWeaver

Anyone can go to a zoo, check out the animals, and move on to the next family adventure. At the PLZoo we suggest you take a good look at the VIP Experience packages which include the close-up encounter with the sloths or two other animals, and an up-close petting opportunity with several other animals including a baby kangaroo and some kind of South American Big Lizard. Then you're off in the tour bus to hand-feed a bunch of bigger animals like buffalo, emu, camels, and Fallow deer. Fun!

Main Entrance - Promised Land Zoo Branson MO - Google Maps
Main Entrance - Promised Land Zoo Branson MO - Google Maps

The Promised Land Zoo actually has two locations, one in Eureka Springs, AR, and the other in Branson, MO. All of the information you need is at PLZoo.com.

Check out the pics below, literally the best time I've ever had at a zoo.

Promised Land Zoo - Branson, MO

Not the largest zoo in the US but one of the best zoo experiences I've ever had. Check out the pictures below.

Ghost Town of Rush Arkansas

Tour of the Arkansas Ghost Town of Rush

Some Alligators In Arkansas You Can Touch - Most You Can't

If you're looking for a great day trip for the whole family may I recommend a fun outing at the Alligator Farm & Petting Zoo in Hot Springs, Arkansas? My wife has been visiting this fun attraction since she was a little girl, we manage to get around to seeing it every couple of years or so and for the most part, it stays pretty much the same, but it's always fun to pet a baby gater.
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