I was looking at cracked.com, and they had a list of 7 Items that are actually legal that just fascinated me. I thought, "Are you sure?", but I'll be damned, in some states these ARE LEGAL.  In a United States where you can get serious time for weed, you can have an electric gun that can fire 166 bullets per second... Yep... it's legal, and so is a frickin' FLAMETHROWER!

Here is a list of 7 things that are completely legal in some states...


That's right, a flamethrower. Right now there are no laws governing or regulating ownership of flamethrowers in 40 states. Some states have restrictions on possession, but are treated as misdemeanors.

#2.  Tannerite (Explosive)

Tannerite is legally a binary compound, and sold as such. That means you mix two chemicals together and you get an explosive compound that when hit with extreme force or heat goes BOOM!

#3.  Salvia Divinorum

Salvia is a cousin of the mint plant, but when smoked can make you go monkey nuts crazy.  Smoking it can paralyze you, give you hallucinations, and in at least one occasion, made a guy crash thru a window... for the most part, it sounds like a party drug. Check out this Salvia Vs. Weed video from Tosh.0...

#4.  Home Made Guns

Or as they are legally referred to, "Improvised Weaponry".  These guns are sometimes called garage guns, to, well, flamethrowers I guess.

#5.  Ragnar Benson Book Collection

They are like self-help books, but instead of quitting smoking, it's books like Mantrapping, and of course once you read that one, you will want to move on to Most Dangerous Game: Advanced Mantrapping Techniques.


#6.  The Mini-Gun

The M134 General Electric Mini-Gun, not only looks awesome, it truly is a badass weapon of destruction capable of firing up to 166 rounds in 1 second. Even though they are legal to own, there's only like 11 legal to own in the US, and the average price when one of them is being sold is like $400,000.

#7.  Thermite

Thermite is a composite, aluminum and metal oxide based powder that when ignited can burn at temperature of up to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit.

For all of the information on these items, like the What? Why? Where? and How?... Here is a link to the original article at Cracked.com.




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